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PMMA pipe and rod extrusion machine is specially equipped with the unique feeding trough structure and the wonderful cooling system, which can increase the output by 15 to 20%. All its electrical parts, such as circuit breaker, motor, relay, frequency converter etc, come from the well known brands like Siemens, Schneider or Omron. Both screw and screw barrel are made of 38 alloy steel. After nitride quenching treatment, the thickness of the layer treated by nitriding and quenching ranges from 0.4 to 0.7mm and the rigidity of above 940. The variable screw pitch and special screw structure are particularly designed for PMMA raw material. Also, the gravimetric feed system is adopted to control the thickness and weight of per meter PMMA pipe.

To save much water and improve the production efficiency, this PMMA pipe and rod extrusion machine adopts the spray water tank that comes with the system for automatically controlling water temperature and water level. Through PLC control system, operators can directly control both hauling speed and cutting speed. Thus, we can help our customers raise the labor productivity and also save lots of time.

ModelDiameter Range
Main Extruder
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