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PP-R pipe high speed extrusion machine has passed both CE and ISO quality certification. Its production line mainly includes automatic feeding system, extruder, mould, vacuum water tank, spray water tank, traction unit, cutting machine, and overturning platform.

Technical Parameters
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Due to our adoption of unique feeding trough structure and outstanding cooling system, this PP-R pipe high speed extrusion machine can raise 15 to 20 percent more yield than other similar products. Additionally, its cooling tank comes with a group of automatic control of water temperature and water level, which helps save large amounts of water and also improves the production efficiency. In use of the plate sizing sleeve produced by German technology, this product can completely meet the requirements for high speed cooling of the pipe. Its production speed can reach up to 20m/min. This high production efficiency is able to create more benefits.

To achieve the significant effect of highly efficient extrusion at low temperature, our PP-R pipe high speed extrusion machine makes use of the double separation PPR dedicated screw. The high precision spiral shunt mold brings about multilayer overlying, no shunt mark, low pressure of headpiece, as well as uniform distribution of material flow. Also, it ensures the uniform extrusion of molten material. With regard to the electrical system, we comply with customer requirements to select the components of different brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron etc. Both traction unit and cutting machine are connected with PLC control system, which not only makes simple control and fast operating speed, but also saves much labor and time. Thanks to the gravimetric feeding system and the electromagnetic heating technique, electricity consumption can be reduced by 40% to 60%. Additionally, both variable screw pitch and special screw design guarantee the plasticizing effect of PE raw material.

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