PET Strap Making Machine

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PET Strap Making Machine

PET strap making machine makes use of the PET scrap to carry out production. In accordance with the customer needs, our specially designed single or twin screw extruder is optional to fit into this machine. Both head and mold are designed to satisfy our users. The same mold can produce different specifications of product. The advanced design of screen changer can help prevent the material from leakage.

Thanks to the static extension machine, this PET strap making machine can not only be used for cooling at a constant temperature, but also strengthen the tensile strength of the finished product. Its melt filter contains two pistons, which has the exhaust port for reflux melting. The double station winding machine features simple operation and convenient reel alternation. In addition, the PLC system can control the whole production line, which is reliable to use and can reach the effect of complete plasticizing and stable extrusion.

Technical Parameters
NoLine SpecCapacity (kg/h)Strap SizePower ConsumptionCooling Type
165single line50-609-2040-50kWWater Cooling
265double line50-609, 11, 13, 1640-50kWWater Cooling
375single line80-99-2555-60kWWater Cooling
475double line110-12011, 13, 16, 1955-60kWWater Cooling
590double line120-1609, 12.7, 16, 1970-90kWWater Cooling
6120 four strap line or
75 parallel screw line
25032, 25, 19 (double)
16, 12.7, 9 (four)
150-170kWWater Cooling

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