WPC Profile Extrusion Line

WPC Profile Extrusion Line

WPC profile extrusion line is composed of conical twin screw or single screw extruder, as well as relevant die and auxiliary machines. It serves to produce the profile mainly made of PVC, PE, PP and plant fiber powder. Our product can be applicable to home decoration, outdoor decoration and other fields.

This WPC profile extrusion line prominently features advanced design and stable performance. Its feeding system is designed reasonably. After mixing the plastic with the plant fiber powder, our production line can achieve more superior characteristic than the conventional wood, thus saving plenty of wood. Both extruder and traction equipment require PLC synchronous closed loop control. The hauling speed is fast enough, and the pressure sensing system of traction equipment can ensure quick and stable output of the finished product.

Main Specifications
Production Line ModelFWPC-45FWPC-65FWPC-150FWPC-240
Length of Calibrating Table (mm)1500300040006000
Max. Profile Width (mm)70120100180
Drawing Speed (m/min)0-120-100-80-6
Total Power (kW)20457090

As a China-based WPC profile extrusion line manufacturer and supplier, we also offer parallel twin screw plastic extrusion machine, waterproof wide floor sheet extrusion machine, and PVC roof tile production equipment, among others.

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