PVC Skinning Foam Board Extrusion Machine

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PVC skinning foam board extrusion machine primarily consists of counter rotating parallel twin screw extruder, plate die, vacuum sizing, ten roller traction and other auxiliary parts. It can be extensively available in high end cabinet furniture, advertising lettering material, building decoration material, as well as automobiles, trains and ships for interior decoration and other aspects.

When designing this production line, we use all kinds of internationally advanced product for reference to optimize our machine set. Thus, our PVC skinning foam board extrusion machine possesses such advantages as uniform plasticizing, low shear rate, high yield and long service life and so on. Its cutting machine comes with PLC control system, which is conducive to length setting and also provides accurate automatic cutting.

Technical Parameters
MaterialPVC with rice husk
Product Size1220mm width, 3-20mm thickness
Production Line Speed0.5-1m/min
Max. Output380kg/h
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)20×3.5×3m
Weight (Approx)10T
Total Installed Power320kW
Actual Energy Consumption Power250kW

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