Plastic Pipe Winding Machine

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Plastic Pipe Winding Machine

Plastic pipe winding machine is a patented product that is developed and designed by our company. It primarily serves to coil PE and PP pipe with the diameter range from 16 to 160mm. This series product includes FW-32, FW-63, FW-110 and FW-160 and so on. Its minimum pipe diameter varies from 16 to 32mm, and the maximum diameter is from 75 to 160mm. Our customers can select what they want in accordance with the actual requirement.

Technical Parameters
ModelPipe Range (mm)Torque Motor (N·m)Arm No.Inner/Outer Diameter Coiler (mm)Width of CoilerCoiler No.

FRIEND is an experienced plastic pipe winding machine manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe production line, PVC roof tile production equipment, energy saving plastic single screw extruder, and more.

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