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Our company can provide presales, in-sales and after-sales services. Firstly, we communicate with our customers to confirm their required equipment. Then, we manage to solve all doubts and problems our customers may meet with during the production process. After that, some information requires to be determined, such as the product price, payment terms, transit clauses, insurance clauses and equipment information terms. Finally, we invite customers to visit our factory and sign a contract.

Before signing this contract, we can send free samples in accordance with customer requirement, but the freight is paid by our customers. After signing the contract, we analyze the customer needs with both technology and production departments in time, so as to decide whether we can produce the equipment in line with their needs. If the contract is approved by these two departments, we arrange the production at once to ensure the timely delivery. If the contract doesn't get the approval of two departments, we immediately feed back to our customers for further confirmation. Also, we explain to our customers and propose our suggestions until the contract is finally confirmed.

After receiving 30% advance payment or sight credit from our customers, our salesman must send the production task order to the departments of production, technology, purchase, and quality inspection within one workday. Seven days after receiving the production task order, the technology department must offer the detailed technical information to customers. The information includes the equipment layout, the equipment electrical circuit diagram and so on. Then, the production department must deliver the goods according to the time limit prescribed in the contract. The delivery cycle is 90 days from the date when we get the advance payment or sight credit. Once our equipment production is finished, our customers can come to examine goods. If the equipment meets the needs of customers, they pay for it. If not, we can rectify it at fixed period. After rectification, we send photos or commissioning video to customers for confirmation and payment.

The guarantee period of our equipment is one year from the date when the equipment arrives at the factory of our customers. Within the quality guarantee period, we can provide our customers with free spare parts and maintenance if non human factors cause the equipment damage. If customers require our company to provide the device debugging and personnel training, we can send one or two engineers to the company of our customers to satisfy them. During debugging process, customers must bear the air ticket, hotel accommodation, board and lodging of our engineers. Also, the safety of our engineers should be well ensured. Our customers can evaluate our after-sales services. If a problem is found, we must try to solve it at once and archive our scheme.